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Louis Vuitton Men’s Runway: F/W 2015


Everything’s still a dream. I’m still pinching myself to wake up. Did you see the fashion shows!?

So here we are at the wake of so much men’s runway shows! There’ll be so much more to cover than Louis Vuitton, and there’s a good reason why.

Spotlight Louis Vuitton: Men’s Style Director Kim Jones collaborates with British/Japan-based graphic designer Christopher Nemeth’s life and work, and the line sports accessories accentuating the rope tessellation graphic used throughout the fashion show – in clothes, accessories, and even on coated canvas. They are beautiful.

For a while now, Men’s choices in bags for Louis Vuitton has aged. New bags for 2015 means new choices for men, and there’s so much to choose from. Click on the galleries below!

Small/Medium Slings (and a Clutch!)

Backpacks: The small lunch box / camera bag slings also come in large backpack forms. The men’s section is really looking good this season.

Medium Slings: Slings are in full slew for Fall/Winter 2015. And here’s the gallery for bigger slings/messenger types.

Trunks and Luggages: And of course, there can’t ever be enough big bags to carry around. The trunks and luggages!

And perhaps if everything you’ve seen is not enough, here’s a super adorable Keepall for the road! Because it’s so good you deserve to see it twice

Trunks Luggages (1)Runway coverage thanks to


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