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Something Sporty: Givenchy Basketball Nightingale

Givenchy men's basketball Nightingale. Yummy.

Givenchy men’s basketball Nightingale. Yummy.

Givenchy has been giving it up.  Though these came out from 2014’s fashion show, it’s stayed in the peripheral of my mind for a while. As it turns out, if an orange bag was called basketball and it came in the form of a Nightingale: all will be well in the world.

I’m not a color freak, in fact, I like mute colors as much as possible. But from time to time boys will don the neons, pinks, greens, or reds in the spirit of sports. And in this case, blame basketball so I can carry an orange bag!

Grab me!

Grab me!

Holding a basketball, an actual basketball, is a forgettable experience (for me at least!). But holding a basketball leather bag is wonder. The Nightingale has been a favorite from Givenchy for years. It’s gotten so big that it comes in many sizes, variations, and sold for both men and women. The Men’s Nightingale though is as big as it gets, and a touch of the sport makes it so much more alluring.


Nightingale’s signature four panel face.

Orange, tubed with black in the seams, and textured to make you feel like it’s actually a basketball, you just might dribble it to the cash register to take home. The leather is thick and makes a thudding sound when you pat it, just like a real basketball, only this one is textured leather and does not require air. It’s not that heavy, but with all the space, you’re bound to fill it up, and that’s where the bulk is going to be once you carry this around town or the court!

Stamped with stars because the color orange is not fabulous enough.

Stamped with stars because the color orange is not fabulous enough.

Basketball theme aside, it comes with the usual features of Nightingale. Flat but tubed-in-the corners top handles, zippered opening, and a zippered shoulder sling. The sling is not big enough to use cross body, so at most they are shoulder slings. In this style, the zippers are large plastic chains, instead of the usual metallic ones, adding to the sporty theme. The sling slinks into the nickel hardware on the sides of the bag, but be careful on the corners, they slide off more often than you wish it didn’t. (It’s so irritating at times).


Black nickel hardware.

As Nightingales go, it’s a soft unstructured bag. Though some like them slouchy, which is a perfectly fine look for the bag, especially when you set it down a table or a chair. But I like them looking a bit fluffed than usual, so I like putting bag inserts inside; they make great base-shapers too. The bag is a big hole, so it’s easy to mix your things up inside, save for some pockets and a zippered pocket, you’re pretty much on your own on how to organize your things inside.

Handheld. Beautiful.

Handheld. Beautiful.

The men’s Nightingale is bigger than the biggest ones they sell under the women’s section, so it does come with some size shock. But you’ll quickly get over it after half time. It’s so big that people will ogle over it, and so will you every time you pass by a mirror.

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