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Going Geometric: MCM Milla Large Tote

Milla Blue

MCM, our favorite German brand, may have won our hearts of late with their fresh slew of monograms on backpacks (and those adorable bear charms!). But I never thought of getting one for myself. 2015 brings us a new era of bags, and while MCM have always been bags in the background (for me at least), they seem to be pushing forward. Everyone, meet the Milla tote!

It’s very rare for MCM to have something that excites me. But when they started campaigning online for their geometrical designs, it feels like new life has breathed into the brand. Get your dollars ready!


The Large Milla Totes by MCM, SS 2015

Though from the outside it looks so simplistic and mute, with its clean lines and sophisticated shape; there’s a lot of construction into this bag when you peek on the inside. The bottom has five metal studs to keep the bottom safe from scuffing when you put it down, one in each corner and another one in the center. The sides can be flared, with the leather belt fastened into the inner pockets.

Flare sides with belt fasteners.

Flare sides with belt fasteners.

Milla Large 04 Bottom

Bottom Studs

Each panel – both the front and the back – is paired with a thin pocket space, both covered by a flap that goes inward into the bag. The belts of the side gusset clasp into these pockets. These are great. You can keep it tight or let loose with these clasps. In the front the belts are stitched, they go all around the gusset, and clasp into the back.

Milla Large 05 Interior

Flaps, pockets, and zippers – Oh my!

Milla Tote's back side

Milla Tote’s back side. See the secret sling snaps behind the handles?

The bag is split in the middle with a zippered compartment. It has its own pockets too, to allow you to put cards or cell phones.

The front is hot stamped with the familiar MCM logo (so classy). The front hangs a fob.  Though it’s not a key fob. It’s just a hanging tag. The color of the fob is different from the bag’s color, it takes on the color of the detachable sling, making it somehow bi-color. The sling attaches/detaches on hinges hidden on the handles.

Milla Large 01 Front

Lined with leather, and chock-full of pockets for organization, some may find it rather frivolous. For me, it’s so refreshing to find a bag where you won’t have to wonder about what bag insert to use so your stuff inside don’t become a bottomless pit.

So in summary, from the front to the back, you get: a flapped pocket, some more bag space, the zippered compartment, another space, and a flapped pocket again. That’s five major compartments, all in one bag. Beats the Gucci Bamboo Shopper and Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour in compartmentalizing I tell ya!

Color choices are concrete gray, caws yellow, klein blue navy and black. There are other colors available in smaller sizes. There are large Milla totes and the adorable small. Both come with a detachable sling. Can’t wait for Spring/Summer 2015! Guess which one’s my favorite!

Images from MCM Worldwide.

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