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Never Too Fabulous: Givenchy LC, Eros and Paisley Print

Givenchy LC in Eros+Paisley print

Givenchy LC in Eros+Paisley print

One thing’s for sure: we love Givenchy. The bags are cool, the leather is awesome. And when normally the women’s collection make boys like me drool, it’s time to turn the table on the ladies and make them envy boy’s stuff just the same from the SS15 Men’s Collection. Boys carry bags, too!

I hate getting technical about bags. But bear with me would you? This is the Givenchy LC Bag in black, with eros and paisley print. And I’m only listing it here because maybe you want to ogle over it the same way I do. It’s a more macho version of the Givenchy Lucrezia. While the women’s Lucrezia come in varying sizes (from mini, small to medium), the bigger ones are marketed to the men or as duffel bags. And boy oh boy, aren’t they just perfect!

On the one side hangs the leather bag tag.

On the one side hangs the leather bag tag.


On the other side hangs the key and the leather fob.

From time to time, Givenchy goes wild with prints on a basic leather base. Sharks. Dogs. Orange camou. Floral. Magnolias. Bambi even! And for Spring/Summer 2015, paisley and eros. The LC bag is a few cms/inches bigger than the Lucrezia on the sides, width, and height. And all the more endearing.

The bag comes with adjustable cross body sling. The body is printed all around, and yet, it couldn’t be more neutral. Though its crazy prints are all over the bag, the gray hue makes it so versatile, it’s almost just texture. If there ever was a paradox such as loud sophistication, this might just be it.


Can you get the tag monogrammed? It would be so nice!

On one side hangs the key fob, and on the other hangs a Givenchy bag tag. I happen to like bags that don’t necessarily have a front and back, and can be used either side without it looking backwards. The hardware is silver, and on some parts engraved with Givenchy. I haven’t tried or asked, or even seen, if the bag tag can be hot stamped with your monogram. Let me know if you’ve had experience with getting monograms on the dingly-danglies from Givenchy! Will go to the store and have them done if so! 🙂

Zipper Close Up.

The working lock and key, and leather fob.

As usual though, Givenchy does not put protective metal feet on the bag. Just parallel leather slips across each side, similar to the Antigona‘s base. The leather is always the best though, so it’s good enough. I tend to be wary of rough surfaces when setting down bags like this. But if you’re having doubts, just look at the mod shot below!

You can wear it in any season. Fun enough for any time of the year. And though a tad big, it’s the perfect statement bag for the boy with the bag could ever hope for! I think it goes well with my metropolitan, relaxed style. Especially when I need texture when I go out in plain, dark solid colors. Though the mod’s outfit is baggy hip/hop Givenchy (which I could never pull off!), the bag is just as great on tailored skinny jeans and tapered shirts!!!


Mod shot!!!

Images courtesy of Antonioli.

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