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Always In Style: The Armani Tote

Saffiano. Calfskin.

Saffiano. Calfskin.

There are only several fashion emergencies. And today it’s all about Totes in limited quantities. These saffiano calfskin Armani beauties is driving me crazy. And before I hit the looney bin, drop me by the store, okay?

Close up.

Close up.

In limited quantities, these camel-colored totes by Giorgio Armani are divine. Hot stamped to a tee, made in Italy. With the edges ever so slightly ombré. Hardware in matte gray with fine, fine details that just whisper elegance. Grained saffiano in its purest perfection.

Armani Tote Bag interior

This tote bag is a bit heavy by itself, but its rounded handles make it comfortable to carry. Inside the bag, the space is divided into two by its zippered middle compartment. The tote has no enclosures or magnets in the mouth, nor does it come with a sling. The inside is lined with fabric. And one side sports a zippered pocket compartment.

Armani Tote Bag. Only in Camel hue. In limited quantity.

Armani Tote Bag. Only in Camel hue.
In limited quantity.

It holds an awesome structure, but watch out for wear and tear on the bottom corners. Bags like these that have protruding corners tend to dent over time, so watch where you put them on if you want to keep it the way it is. And with the absence of bag feet, it’ll be the eventual first hit of wear and tear. It doesn’t come in any other color other than camel, and with it’s vintaged look off the shelves, it’ll only look even more vintage over time. Leather like this eventually develop an amazing patina, especially on the handles. And why wouldn’t you want them there? This bag was built for it.

Tote bags of this prestige and beauty is hard to come by, and at a US$ 1,090 price point, why would you ever let it go? It’s worth every penny. Get them now before Armani runs out!

Images from Armani.

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