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Carry the 31 Hour Bag (When 24 Hours Ain’t Enough)

31 Hour Bag

31 Hour Bag

Phillip Lim and I have had this love affair for a while now. I’m talking about the brand of course. The boy wonder tapped into the boy with the bag, and may have established my obsession with quality leather goods. Because of his niche reach a couple of years ago, if you’re not from New York, you’re out of the loop.

But things have changed now. The brand is more accessible now. And at least for bag lovers, Phillip Lim has become a name to be reckoned with. My first bag from the 3.1 line is the 31 Hour Bag, and boy do I love it to bits. And so will you.

It started as a bag under the Women’s section. But a lot of boys cashed in and toted it around themselves. Eventually, a bigger boy’s version came to life. Adding a few inches all around. You can tell the difference between men’s and women’s versions: size and pullers. Ladies get to enjoy the long cylindrical metal zippers, and boys get to enjoy long leather pullers.

Boys' 31 Hour Bag. Girls' 31 Hour Bag. Either way, anyone can carry whatever they feel!

Boys’ 31 Hour Bag (left). Girls’ 31 Hour Bag (right).
Either way, anyone can carry whatever they feel!

Obviously, being the 31 Hour Bag, you’d naturally expect for it to be big. Why else would it be an all-dayer kind of bag (and then some) if it wasn’t huge in itself? And because of its size, many people feel it’s not exclusively for any specific gender.

Boys carry bags, too!

Boys carry bags, too!

It comes with two pullers that runs across long metallic zippers. When I first got mine, it looked like a sperm whale, in a good way! Just as beautiful, and just as magnificent. The handles are enough to be handheld or worn on the arm (but not enough for the shoulders).

It’s a very heavy bag. All the way leather. And though some variations are lined with fabric, many of these bags are unlined, with the raw leather serving as the lining too. With the one I have, the inside is buffed and dyed black, and not entirely suede-ish as back sides of leather normally is, and the buffed/dyed texture is something I like.. The back panel of the bag has a hanging zippered pocket, stamped with Phillip Lim’s beautiful brand logo.

It’s hard to get in and out of the bag if you carry it zippered up. So often times I zip it open (not all the way but just) up to the sides, tuck the back panel in the bag, and flap the front panel out, exposing the black inside making it look two tone. I’ve often wondered how I keep it looking like the ones in the photos where top flaps together are folded forward, and realized that if you leave the zip open on half of the bag, you can poke into it from the sides.

Leave it half unzipped on the side for easier access. Or just keep the flaps open.

Leave it half unzipped on the side for easier access where both flaps are folded forward.
Or just keep the flaps open.

Whichever way you want to carry the bag, you can keep it secure by zipping it up all the way, or leave it open and free so you can see what you’re poking at. With it’s large space, I suggest you use some sort of organization with pouches or whatnot.

This is an awesome bag. With many ways to carry. And it’s almost always satisfying to see people recognize you carrying the bag itself… even moreso when someone realizes it’s a Phillip Lim.

They come in varying leather: textured, smooth, bi-color, et cetera. They’re always good.

Images from 3.1 Phillip Lim.


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