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Halloween Bag: Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Madballs!

What's French for "Zombie?" Zombi. Really!

What’s French for “Zombie?”
Zombi. Really!

Happy Halloween everyone!

What better way to celebrate this day with an awesome bag! Though personally I’d be more than happy to tote this around all year long, these Jeremy Scott x Longchamp bags are making me sweaty and are driving my pulse high – like I’d just walked out of a horror thrill ride while eating my Trick or Treat candies!

Where do we begin? Jeremy Scott has been designing highly graphic Longchamp travel bags for a while now. It’s always a hit. But nothing satisfies my taste as much as zombies do.

It all started a couple of years ago, when I unearthed this crazy design. It was never for sale as far as I know, and from what I’ve learned, it was only given to front seat VIP spectators and models in one of Jeremy Scott’s fashion shows. They got this:

I found it on eBay. On a jacked up price of course. Zombies are limited edition.

I found it on eBay. On a jacked up price of course.
Zombies are limited edition.

Catch them if you can. But I won’t pay premium price for a canvas bag (though you have to admit, the graphic is crazy good!). This print for this bag is now in jacked-up-price, hard-to-find-on-eBay land. I had to come to terms with it, because I’m neither a Jeremy Scott model, nor am I a VIP front seater on Fashion Week. And I let it slide.

Thankfully, these new ones are in stores now. The new Madballs prints. Though not as fabulous as the green monster one, but I’ll take it any day.

Yellow Zombie. Or White Zombie?

Yellow Zombie. Or White Zombie?

Spooky on all sides!

Spooky on all sides!

Get your hands on them this season before these zombies die out. It’s not a good feeling to know these seasonal items have sold out. Not. A good feeling! AT ALL!!!

These Le Pliage Travel Bags are bigger than the usual Le Pliage sizes. They are best for weekend trips or if in case you’re a daily big bagger like myself – everyday! It’s enclosed with a long zipper with Longchamp’s trademark zipper pullers. The inside is very basic with nothing but a wide room for practically anything. Keep your stuff safe though, because they come with no padding. The handles are leather and the flap snaps into the top part of the front – as usual with Le Pliage bags. Stowing it away is as easy as flattening it out and putting it away. Some like to fold them to a smaller size, but that leaves fold marks, so try no to!

These bags have proven themselves to be sturdy, lightweight, and dependable for practically any day. But these Madballs are special. Can’t imagine how this doesn’t make anyone happy. Even outside halloween, you’d tote this bag along. Why wouldn’t you?

PS: If in case you’re wondering what to wear for Halloween, don’t forget there’s a whole clothing line based on these Madballs!

Can you pull it off?

Can you pull it off? Even if it’s not Halloween?

UPDATE: April 20, 2015

A friend of mine who’s spent a short time owning the new Madballs and it seems both the white and yellow suffer from color transfer from the stark black leather of both the flap and the handles. So if you’re a worry-wort, please expect something like this to happen! Looks okay, but you’ve been warned!

Images from Google and Longchamp.


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