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Diorific. Definitely Terrific.


There are many bucket bags out there. I’ve written about Mansur Gavriel and still am in search of one. But when something like Dior’s comes along, ugh, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!

Spring/Summer 2014 was loaded with a lot of colorful new bags for many brands. I’ve seen this bag in it’s early release, but they were far too snooty. Exotic leather. Abstract hand painting. Too much. But when I come visit how the Diorific bag over the seasons, it makes me want to adopt one. They’ve learned to edit. What’s great about awesome design? The simpler it is, the more beautiful they are.


This is so beautiful.

SS14 Fashion Show

SS14 Fashion Show

Though I’m not a fan of exotic leather. The Diorific python with badge embroidery is just the right mix of texture and style. The ones in the photo is the large one, but there are also plain ones in a more regular size.

Diorific and Large Diorific

They come with clasps on the side to give the bag some contour. And it’s a deep, roomy bag. You can carry it by hand or by the crook of your arm. Or conveniently use the cross body sling. Diorific bags close with a magnetic snap. Lined inside with smooth awesome calfskin leather. And the bag packs-in a detachable pouch.

The handle is metal plated (gets cold in Winter, so don’t forget the gloves!). And the sides come with the usual D-I-O-R danglers with its leather fob.

Diorific bags come with quite a heavy price tag. But that’s the price to pay for these beauties. Check out the galleries for the plain, pearlised leathers.

The plains are great. But if you would just let me indulge shallowly and invite you to salivate over the python with embroidery just a little bit more? I know we’ll all be happy!

Images from Dior.

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