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Gasp! Coach Mimics Fendi’s Peekaboo

Coach Gramercy Satchel. Are you related to Fendi Peekaboo?

Coach Gramercy Satchel. Are you related to Fendi Peekaboo?

Common in the fashion industry when a hot high priced item taps on everyone’s desires, more commercial brands release similar silhouettes to catch the trend. But is it surprising to see that brands end up making a $500 versions of a $5,000+ bag?

Let’s see shall we?

I’ve expressed my love for Coach in this blog and on our Instagram not too long ago. It’s one of those simple American brands that could very well be a staple to every bag collector. Just goes to show: I have much respect for Coach. I root for it even. However, it’s somewhat surprising to see them spicing things up with the Gramercy Satchel, which looks far too much like the Fendi Peekaboo.

In starting this blog, I’ve raved about the Peekaboo and how much I love it too.

So I can’t quite put two on two together. Coach doesn’t need to borrow silhouettes or shticks from Fendi, they are brands apart. I always thought Coach was a cool, everyday, New Yorker style line. And Fendi is the more affluent alternative. So why does one want to be the other here, when these two brands are on two opposite sides?

Coach’s Gramercy satchel has a similar handle. Back and front sides split in the middle. A clasp enclosure. Belt-like sides. Almost everything about it is Fendi Peekaboo looking! (Okay, maybe it doesn’t peekaboo!)


Though you have to admit, not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend for a bag. And those lusting over the more expensive one who can find similar styles on other less expensive brands are a blessing. However, if I had a Fendi Peekaboo and saw someone with a Coach Gramercy? I might feel weird about it! (And vice versa!)


33549_a4 Also available in Black, or Oxblood.


Are you happy there’s a less expensive version of the Peekaboo? Or do you think Coach went too copy-catty here? Or are they two completely different bags and I’m just imagining things!?

All images from Coach.

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