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Something’s Gotta Give(nchy)

Givenchy Antigona

There’s beauty in structure. Greek mythology brought us Antigone: a strong, determined woman. But French fashion house Givency brought us this: The Antigona.

The Givency Antigona has been headlining for years. Not only is it photographed to death in tow on many celebrities’ arms, but also it’s been the flagship bag that cemented Givenchy as a major player in the bag scene.

To this day, the Antigona remains to be every fashionista’s staple must-have. And why wouldn’t it? There’s so much to love about the bag.

It’s been graded to mini sizes, medium, and explored in large sizes for a time. Though of late, Givenchy has decided to stick with the mini and and medium, the demand remains large.  It comes with a non removable sling long enough for an over the shoulder strap. Top handles are soft and rounded. It shuts up with a rather larger than usual zipper with it’s larger than usual puller.


Antigona Givenchy. Medium. Claret hue.


I’m a fan of Gray, but this is just too lightly colored. Smooth leather can withstand the test of time though!


Ah, Burgundy. So yummy.

In other softer leathers, the bag becomes a bit slouchy. But the usual leather used is dependably strong, and some owners report that even after several years of usage, it still retains its shape. There are plain colors, multiple color-combinations, and the occasional specially constructed styles with dents in form of shapes.

I’ve been lusting over this bag for quite some time now. And I think it’s just about time to finally scratch this itch!


Givenchy Antigona. Medium. Burgundy.


Givenchy Antigona. Medium. Claret.


Givenchy Antigona. Medium. Smooth Gray.

Images from Net-A-Porter.


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