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Pack Up With These Phillip Lim Pashli Backpacks

Pashli Backpacks in buff, mandarin and black cream.

Pashli Backpacks in buff, mandarin and black cream.

Backpacks recall times from my childhood where I’d go off to school and carry my books. But brands seem to have a major #ThrowbackThursday of late, making their own take on backpack bags left and right. Many fashion blogs say backpacks are back. If you were to wear one, you’d be hard-pressed which one to get.

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, and many others have launched backpacks to take part of the trend. And in a sea of abundant leather backpacks, one particular contemporary designer have tapped into the backpack era (and my charms) in the most surprising fashion: Phillip Lim.

I’m not new to the wonderful world of Phillip Lim. For years I’ve been toting the 31 Hour bag myself. So I know his stuff is great. But in one of the brand’s most successful line I’ve always shied away from, the one and only Pashli have become a fashion favorite. Perhaps because of it’s interesting name, classy style, and wild appeal to the market, it’s endured several styles over the years, and of late, the most genius rescaling in the form of a backpack.

Pashli Backpacks in textured leather: electric blue, black cream, and copper.

Pashli Backpacks in textured leather: electric blue, black cream, and copper.

The Pashli backpacks carry the same signature style of the Pashlis that came before it. What used to be just a handbag with a cross body sling has been converted into something you can pack on your back. The bag retains it’s signature zippered sizes making the bag expandable. It also retains the click-lock for the bag’s flap. Zipper pulleys are fashioned from the same leather it’s made of – in an elongated loop, adding a little frill to the bag, making it less spiffy and just a tad bit spunky, which we like! The straps can be adjusted too.

This bag comes in just the right size and in myriad of leather colors and treatments. It’s structure holds itself over time and will always be looking like that elegant spunky bag the day you first got it. There are bright colors, or more muted ones – fit for everyone’s taste. In fact, I’m loving the textured leather variants. But what stands the most in my eyes are the fantastic ones in mandarin colored leather. Can’t help but drool.

front side

Opened Mod Shots

Images from 3.1 Phillip Lim and Net-A-Porter.

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