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Je T’Aime Sac De Jour. Bisous, Bisous!

The Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

The Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

I’m not entirely pious, but if fashion was a religion, my patron would be Saint Laurent. YSL decided to rebrand itself some years ago to “Saint Laurent Paris,” a bold move that gained both praise and criticism. Celebration came in a form of a new bag, the Sac De Jour.

Literally meaning “bag of the day,” the Sac De Jour comes with a boxy shape, side snaps, accordion sides, and a hanging key and fob. No screaming monogram logos, but instead stamped with a small brand name. The SDJs marked the start of a new era, and it opened a whole new image for the Parisian fashion house, sustaining market share, disproving naysayers, and winning hearts.

When they came out with this design several years ago, many likened this to the incomparable Hermes Birkin. To each their own. I personally don’t think it is. No one’s talking about the Ricky Ralph Lauren bag which to me looks more like a hacked off Birkin rip-off – though it’s beautiful by itself. No one’s also talking about the Bally Sommet bag, which silhouettes the Birkin even closer – though again, beautiful by itself (might even write about it!).

Season after season, we’ve seen this bag in new colors, in studs, in stamped crocs, suede, and in varying sizes. Today these bags come in different sizes: classic large, small (which really looks like a medium), and baby. The bags (except the large one) come with detachable slings.

Sac De Jour in Fog Classic Large, Dark Magenta Small, and Old Rose Baby sizes.

Sac De Jour in Fog Classic Large, Dark Magenta Small, and Old Rose Baby sizes.

This bag means business. Suede lined and heavy duty leather. This bag may as well come with a fitness plan. This heavy bag gives a satisfactory thud when put down on a surface thanks to the bag feet.

The accordion sides can expand simply by unlatching the snaps. The snaps open both the back and the front. The interior is parted in two by a middle divider. Though the bag’s mouth lies open making it easy to get in and out, there is a working lock and key. I asked why an open bag has one at all, and I was kindly advised that you can put your sensitive items inside the zippered compartment the runs across the middle. The key has a designated snap latch within the bag itself so you don’t unintentionally lose it. Amen.

Sac De Jours tend to need some care. Nothing to baby though. But looking through celebrities carrying this bag sometimes make me faint. The leather has a tendency to fold over. And if you let it, it will. Many Sac De Jour owners in forums who rave about the bag don’t seem to have the sagging issues though. Of course you mind how you handle your bag. And if your treat one like garbage, it’ll look like one. And in times when you stow it away, make sure to fill them in and set them on their sides so it doesn’t collapse onto itself.

Kate Moss's SDJ. Giiirl, take care'o 'dat thaaang!

Kate Moss’s SDJ. Giiirl, take care of ‘dat thaaang!

If you haven’t expected me saying it yet, the best one is the Sac De Jour in large, in gray leather (they call the color Fog). I’ve seen them in Dark Brown some seasons ago though, and they’re gorge!!! About a year ago, they came out in suede, so beautiful, with the accents in smooth leather. These ones are hard to find now. But can’t you just die!?

SDJ in camel limited edition suede. Accordion sides.

SDJ in camel limited edition suede. Accordion sides.


SDJ camel suede front.


The Classic Large Sac De Jour.

The SDJ in Fog (Gray) Leather.

The SDJ in Fog (Gray) Leather, classic large.

Images from, and other pics from Google Images.


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