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Gotta Have Gucci: the Bamboo Shopper Leather Tote

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Leather Totes

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Leather Totes

There’s nothing more distinctive about Gucci than their magnificent manipulation of bamboo. Used as handles or turn locks, the brand has had a long love affair with bamboo, making them so uniquely beautiful, and iconic.

So when Gucci began revamping and updating their heritage pieces in recent years, a new hoard of fashionistas found new love with the brand.

The use of bamboo is an interesting story in itself. 1940s brought supply issues for hardware as an effect of World War II. But Gucci was very creative and resourceful. Through a careful process of heating and molding, the Italian luxury house was able to craft it and bend it into handles, turn locks, and little bits of decor into their product lines.

Several years ago, Gucci started churning up campaigns celebrating the bamboo. And one of the many bags that came out caught my attention that up until today can’t be ignored. The exquisite (and humongous) Bamboo Shopper Leather Tote.

Gucci Bamboo Shoppers. In Large, Medium, and Small.

Gucci Bamboo Shoppers. In Large, Medium, and Small.

They come in various sizes. Of course the large ones I favor the most.  There are the “just right” mediums, and a trapezoidal small ones. These bags come with a detachable cross-body sling. The leather used for the bag is buttery soft. If I could chew on it, I would.

Magnet enclosures. Zippered divider.

Magnet enclosures. Zippered divider.

The bag’s interior is separated to two sides by a zippered compartment. And it closes with rather strong magnets.

The Bamboo Handles

The Bamboo Handles

The most important aspect of this bag is – of course – its varnished bended bamboo. Curved to perfection. And distinctly Gucci. Seeing these babies in person easily makes me gasp, always.

Did I say that the large ones are humongous? Let me say it again, they’re huge in real life! Macho even. So even though these are considered as women’s bags, in my mind, these Gucci Bamboo Shoppers are bags a boy can carry. The large size is just right.

Not all bags are perfect though. Some quirks make this bag a bit disconcerting. A number of people report that the bamboo handles make marks into the leather, leaving “smile” imprints (and leaving owners frowning). Keep in mind that when you stow this bag away, make sure the handles do not rest upon the leather. Also, people fond of carrying bags in the crook of their arms say that they do hurt a bit (the bag is heavy by itself, imagine if filled with tons of stuff). The good thing is: the bamboos don’t scratch each other. And carrying them by hand feels good because of the smoothened bamboo, and the magic honey varnish carefully crafted by angels from heaven (or artisans from Italy).

All in all, the Gucci Bamboo Leather Shopper is a winner. And it never fails to stun onlookers. I’m especially loving the Maple Brown leather. Are you ready to gasp? Here we go!


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