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My Secret Michael Kors Obsession: the Hamiltons

Hamilton Tote, Satchels, Mini Messenger

Hamilton Tote, Satchels, Mini Messenger

Luxury brand lovers sometimes look down on Michael Kors and snuff the brand as a gaudy copycat when it comes to bags. However, MK’s commercial formula works. Whether you like the brand or not, the fact is, it’s now a business worth billions.

While it’s true that Michael Kors have some questionable design choices – making Louis Vuitton-like brown coated-canvas monograms and bag silhouettes, using Saffiano leather that Prada prominently employs in their lines – it hasn’t stopped Michael Kors become a competitive brand in the world of bags.

Seeing the bag carried around town en masse in public, my initial reaction to it is nuisance, to be honest. But the nuisance eventually became a quaint curiousity. So curious that it pains me sometimes to admit that, well… I happen to like Michael Kors bags. So many people having MK bags must have a reason, right?

In truth, some of the bags are good. They’re actually nice. Really, they’re not bad at all! Clean lines, just the right polish, an everyday arm candy candidate. And with a friendlier price range (common to contemporary designers), it’s no surprise for anyone to grow fond of Michael Kors bags.

Successful designs have last several seasons, and MK has made them staples in the brand. So much so, that they’ve decided to iterate several versions as new seasons come. There are several that have lasted a while, and the Hamilton is one of them. Structured, clean lines with just the right amount of flair. And just like a junkie looking for a joint, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

The Hamilton Tote

The Hamilton Tote

The Hamilton “N/S” Tote back and front.

Tall, slender, and roomy, the Hamilton Tote is the design that, since it came out, has remained a mainstay. In various colors, and varying leather types, and varying styles (from studded, to laser-cut, to metallic piping), several seasons have seen several styles of this front-pager. The sling is long enough for carrying it over the shoulder, and is chain-fixed into the body.

Enclosure is in the form of magnets, so this open tote is a breeze to get in and out of. Despite the belt not having any necessary purpose other than decor, it is a functional lock with key, with the key fob hanging out front. However, many say that the hardware makes the bag top-heavy, and eventually makes the bag lose it’s structure over time.

Top handles are positioned a little lower to make room for the belt, making it structurally cave into itself. Softer leathers like the luggage ones make the bag sag. Stuffier saffiano ones end up with creased bottom corners. Some seem to adore it, while others (myself included) feel a pang of disappointment that the bag loses shape the longer it is used.

Nevertheless, it’s damn pretty. I can’t help but want one! But because of the fixed chain shoulder sling, along with the bag losing shape: it’s kept me from buying it altogether. Several months ago, new Hamiltons came out. Making me want to seriously reconsider.

The Hamilton Traveler

The Hamilton Traveler Satchel in Sizes Large (Gray), Medium (Navy) and Messenger (Claret)

The Hamilton Traveler Satchel in Sizes Large (Gray), Medium (Navy) and Messenger (Claret)

It comes in varying sizes, large, medium, and a (mini) messenger. The distinct design of the belt and lock is still there. Now in a boxy shape and flared sides. Although, again, the hardware doesn’t serve anything other than decor, it still has a working lock and key, but in smaller sizes. The mouth is enclosed with zippers.

The slimmer belt, more minute lock, and perhaps because Michael Kors makes awesome gray hues, it’s probably why I’m in love with the Hamilton Traveler. The gray colored Hamilton Travelers are a sight to behold.

Keeping the original Hamilton signature style in the new Hamilton Traveler keeps the fascination from the Hamilton Tote in check (which I enjoy), but with its new form factor, ugh, my secret obsession is driving me insane!

Its big, strong size makes it less of a dainty piece. The sleeker details make the bag a bit more a cosmopolitan city bag. These Travelers look so adorable, that the next time I set out for a bag and walk into a Michael Kors store, this is definitely going to be a piece I’ll take home, no doubt. For now, lust over these awesome mod pics of the large Hamilton Travelers!

Interior Shot

Interior Shot

Hamilton Traveler Mod Shot

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