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A Peek at the Fendi Peekaboo

Fendi Men's and Women's Peekaboo

Fendi Men’s and Women’s Peekaboo

In 2009, Italian luxury fashion house Fendi gave us a peek of their then new creation, the “Peekaboo” bag. Though its name sounds like child’s play, it’s far from anything the like.

Super sophisticated and exquisitely exemplary, every one with taste and disposable wealth wants one. To this day, five years later (at the time of this writing), it’s still one of Fendi’s arm candies that telltales one’s taste for the quintessential Italian style.

In one of Fendi’s promotional videos for the bag some years ago, it showed a nice fine lady going into the Fendi store, picking up swatches for what leather to use in the interior/exterior, picking the colors, and choosing the size that she prefers. From the usual exquisite leather that Fendi uses, to the fabulous snake/crocodile exotics, Fendi can craft one for you (if the ones in the store aren’t suitable enough!), and the precision and care for the craftmanship for the bag is displayed in bits and pieces just to show you how precious these are. They really are real artisan pieces. The ones in stores though are diverse enough to fit everyone or anyone’s taste at any time.

Fendi Peekaboo Sizes

Fendi Peekaboo Sizes

Today we have the Fendi “Peekaboo” in large, regular, and mini. It’s usual features come with a sling so you can wear it cross body, and it has a clasp in the middle that allows you to let it hang open on either side and let the world outside have a peek of your beautiful interior, or keep it closed using the top clasps, right below the single top handle. It has two sides, the “back” and “front,” parted by the bag’s hardware where the turn lock clasps are built into. The interior is an important facet of this bag. It is often room for out of the box creativity, leading to the famous Fendi eyes/monster, among others. It is such a great space, that iconic women were asked to design the bag for a charity to the Kids Company, called the Peekaboo Project.

Although these are categorized as women’s handbags, it doesn’t keep a bag loving boy like me from wanting one. The choices become a bit difficult to make in cases for guys who want to buy one for themselves. Boys can carry bags, too!

The Men's Peekaboo, AKA the "Peekaboy"

The Men’s Peekaboo, AKA the “Peekaboy”

Perhaps the public interest in the bags by the boys were enough to lead to a new development. As luck would have it, in 2014, Fendi came out with a men’s Peekaboo!

Playfully called by others as the “Peekaboy,” this iteration of the bag comes with a shorter top handle, and a beefier build for bigger room size, the Peekaboo took on a more masculine, briefcase-esque silhouette, but still keeping the fine features of the bag. Instead of a twist lock clasp like the women’s version, the men’s style gained a hidden hook that fits itself at the top of the bag. Though, one can let it hang out to let it be the Peekaboo that it is. The back is now enclosed by a zipper across the top length, but the face retains the ability to let the interior peek-a-boo. With less prominent hardware, and a bigger size to boot, the boys can celebrate and tote around this bag in tow.

Below are photos for the Fall/Winter 2014/15 and Spring/Summer 2015 collections. Feel free to gawk!

Men's Peekaboo bags, Fall/Winter 2014-15 Collection

Men’s Peekaboo bags, Fall/Winter 2014-15 Collection

Men's Peekaboo bags, Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Men’s Peekaboo bags, Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

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